Refurbishment of Orihuela Costa Playgrounds

Refurbishment of Orihuela Costa Playgrounds
Refurbishment of Orihuela Costa Playgrounds

Orihuela council has announced the refurbishment of three parks located in Cabo Roig, La Zenia and Punta Prima, at a cost of 122,000 euros.

This renovation will consist of new surfaces, urban furniture, the removal of surrounding vegetation and upgraded playgrounds, as well as adapting the parks for people with disabilities.

The project of works for these three areas is currently available for inspection at the Orihuela council website.

The calle Mistral de Cabo Roig, the Paseo del Mar en Cala Cerrada, La Zenia and la Avenida del Mar en Punta Prima are the three sites to be renovated.

The designs will attempt to meet all the needs of users, both children and adults. For the youngest there will be play equipment to cater for the different age groups, with safety measures that will meet the most stringent of regulations.

The plot chosen in Cabo Roig is located down by the Cabo Roig Club and former outdoor cinema. It has a total area of ​​ 8,000 square meters for the construction of garden areas, leisure and sports. The area at La Zenia is by the hotel and will occupy an area of ​​480 square meters. In addition to the stated improvements, the land will be conditioned and unsuitable shrubs will be replaced by new trees and plants, with an irrigation network. The lighting in the three zones will also be modified.

At present, the three areas are in poor condition. In Calle Mistral, the study considers that much of the vegetation is quite improvable, “with the planting of species such as acacias”. In this garden there will need to be an irrigation system and a new floor.

In La Zenia, the vegetation is in good condition and there is also a sprinkler irrigation system in place. The playground surface will be completely replaced. Meanwhile, in Punta Prima, artificial grass will be provided for the beds.

In La Zenia’s Paseo del Mar, the children’s play area will be created as a green area. The works planned will basically be in the conditioning of the soil and the installation of the irrigation system. In addition curbs, playground and pathways will be placed.