Montgo Yellow Peril won with 124pts.

Montgo Yellow Peril won with 124pts.
Montgo Yellow Peril won with 124pts.

Yes, Montgo today played our Yellow Ball competition sponsored by Keith & Sally Cottrell, (so they at least couldn’t win).

But Fletchers Ros & Jimmy, with help from Peter Gardiner & Tom Atkinson, did. 2nd team of Julia Hall, John Feek, Neil Cumming and Richard Fox had 100pts. Ineligible for the prizes was the sponsor’s team which also include a guest Mark Davis and our Geo Braddick with 106pts. Whilst the fourth team lost their precious yellow ball as early as the 3rd hole and preferred anonymity this week.

NTP’s on the 3rd hole went to Julia with her savaged finger and Nigel Siddall who had asked for a mention in dispatches. NTP 2nd shot on the 18th hole went to Heiko Schram, who’d earlier carelessly been the loser of the previously mentioned yellow ball. No lady managed to compete for glory on this hole.

Nigel also was awarded a Montgo ball for sinking his putt on the 3rd hole.

Next Friday we will be playing for the Mojo Cup, sponsored by John Costigan which is a stableford competition.


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