VEDHAM ‘Hari’ Hariharan in Part 2 of a two part interview.


  • VEDHAM ‘Hari’ Hariharan one of the world’s leading international cricket coaches speaks exclusively to Andrew Atkinson in Part 2 of a two part interview.

HARI Hariharan, who coached in Australia at the Australian Sports Gateway Cricket Academy in Brisbane and as specialist coach at Australian Sports Camps, is deemed as one of cricket’s leading coaches.

“I also assisted the Karnataka State Cricket Association, as their consultant coach, on various special projects, including a special coaching workshop for Karnataka women coaches,” said Hari.

“Coach mentoring is also another role I fulfil,” said Hari, who was the Kerala State Ranji trophy team coach between 2007-09, during which time the state team enjoyed great success, establishing many records. “In 2016 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Performance Coaching at Stirling University (endorsed UKCC level IV),” said Hari, head coach and professional at the Glasgow Academy CC, who played at La Manga Resort in April.

“In this connection, I completed a biomechanical study of fast bowlers at the Karnataka State Cricket Academy and helped the coaches understand the interventions required to develop these bowlers and also prevent injuries,” said Hari.

“I also did a study on co-ordination and decision making of cricketers at Victory cricket club, in Tower and Hamlet area under Middlesex county cricket club,” said Hari.

Hari, who also presented a research paper on how coaches develop concentration of their players in different sports, holds ECB’s level III Coaching qualifications and a Teaching Award Part 1 and Teaching Award Part 2, from NCA (UK).

Hari, who also has a Senior Coaching Award; and Advanced Coaching Award (NCA – UK), said : “I hold Australian Cricket Board’s coaching qualifications.”

Hari has also attained qualifications on different branches of Sports Psychology and Physiology from National Coaching Foundation (UK).

Hari is currently inculcating some of the Sports Sociology and Psychology topics in his coaching process which also include, concentration, goal setting, imagery, grit, planning and reflection.

Hari, doing a PhD in Sports Studies at The University of Stirling in the UK and MSc in Performance Coaching (University of Stirling UK),

has also been assisting other sports on Psychological aspects to develop their Athletes and going further, on Leadership skills.

“I believe Education is for life and by studying for my Masters in Performance Coaching, it has helped me in understanding high performance better, and issues related to it through vision, operations, people and culture,” said Hari, who, during the winter months, assists the Karnataka state cricket association.


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