Torrevieja council salaries increased by 10%

Torrevieja council salaries increased by 10%
Torrevieja council salaries increased by 10%

The PP and opposition have agreed a 10% salary increase for recently appointed councillors that will mean an income of 3,500 gross euros per month for the councillors running government departments and around 3,100 for the spokesman of the PSOE, Andrés Navarro, and the spokeswoman of VOX, Carolina Vigara.

The PP will have 19 advisers, 15 in the government team, and 4 employed by the party. There will also be two further PSOE and one Los Verdes and, Sueña Torrevieja advisers.

It is expected that the new rates of payment will be ratified at an extraordinary plenary session to be held on Monday 1 July.

Los Verdes, with three councillors, initially asked for two partial salaries of 60%, 2,400 euros, although it is understood that has now been increased 75%.

The mayor, Eduardo Dolón says that he has tried to please all of the new councillors and especially the socialist group, and, if there are no last minute objections, it should all go through unopposed.

There will also be increases in the attendance allowances for those councillors who are not included in the salary scale. Attendance at board meetings, two a month, will increase to 150 euro while the attendance at plenums from 238 to 250. Information commissions will rise from 158 to 175 euros and government boards to 200 euros.


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