Vedam Hariharan one of the world’s leading international cricket coaches  speaks exclusively to Andrew Atkinson in Part 1 of a two part interview.

Vedam Hariharan one of the world's leading international cricket coaches
Vedam Hariharan one of the world's leading international cricket coaches

VEDAM Hariharan who was at La Manga resort in April with the Glasgow Academy CC in a cricket tournament, played for India in the schools tests against England, Combined Indian Universities against Sri Lanka, and India Under 22.

Vedam, nicknamed ‘Hari’, also played Ranji Trophy cricket (First Class) for the states of Karnataka and Kerala between 1974 and 1990.

“During this period I also played professional cricket in the UK in the Central Yorkshire league, Bradford league, North Lancashire league, Northern Cricket Union in Ireland and, in 1992, arrived in Scotland to play and coach,” Hari told me.

Hari, the professional at Glasgow Academy, is an International cricket coach with over 27 years experience, and one of the most experienced and qualified coaches from grass root to First Class level.

“I successfully coached in India, the states of Karnataka and Kerala, Ireland, Malaysia (Pahang state and, last winter in Johor state), England, Australia and Scotland,” said Hari. “Being self-driven, highly motivated I always try to push boundaries,” said Hari, who has a good track record of successfully designing and implementing projects, some of which are unique.

“As a people person, I am a team player and have enjoyed working, socialising, learning and understanding different cultures around the world,” said Hari.

“This has helped me to understand and relate well with the players I coach.

“I not only help develop better abled cricketers, but also help raise the participation level of those that are differently abled, by providing them the joys of cricket,” said Hari.

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Hari’s playing and coaching experience, coupled with Academic backing, has helped him considerably in understanding how to bridge academics and the coaching environment.

Hari, a long-standing Cricket Professional at The Glasgow Academy in the UK, is also the Head Coach at The Glasgow Accies Cricket club.

“I have assisted Scottish cricket in their development projects in the west districts,” said Hari.

*In Part 2 ECB level III coach Hari talks about his coaching roles in Australia, the Karnataka state CA, his coaching Master’s Degree, and sports psychology. ONLY IN THE LEADER.


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