Everything You Need to Know about Android Casinos

Everything You Need to Know about Android Casinos
Everything You Need to Know about Android Casinos

When it comes to mobile use and mobile gaming, Android is the undisputed favourite across the world. When analysing the OS market share, you can see that Android dominates around 85 per cent of the market each year, with Apple’s iOS accounting for around 14 per cent. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that online casinos earn most of their mobile audience through Android casinos.

It wasn’t long ago that casino gaming through mobile devices was either impossible for real-money or too cumbersome to enjoy. In 2019, however, we’re living in a golden age of Android casino games where the best Android games are available to anyone who can download a casino online Android app. The huge improvements made in the casino app for Android scene has led to them rocketing in popularity. Now, the best UK Android casinos app for 2019 has become the go-to way to play top Android games, such as casino slots for Android.

If you want to be a part of this revolution of Android casino games, this article tells you everything that you need to know.

What to know before downloading Android casinos

One of the first worries for people looking to download a casino app for Android is if their mobile has the space or meets the system requirements. Most websites will boast that their casino online Android apps have hundreds of games, so you would expect the download size to be quite hefty. The best Android games 2019 are very large, with Pokémon Go taking up 336Mb and PUBG Mobile needing a massive 1.86Gb to install, but casino apps are very storage-friendly. In fact, one of the largest Android casinos, LeoVegas, requires a mere 5.2Mb to download.

Regardless of what type of game you want to play, you’re very likely to find its mobile-optimised version on a casino app. You’ll also find all of the same major payment methods from the website, such as being able to make transactions with your card or via an eWallet service. It shall also please you to know that the Android casinos of reputable online casino brands are 100 per cent safe to use, employing all of the top mobile security measures to ensure that your personal and payment details remain private.

The Android casinos experience

The early days of Android casinos were not overly pleasant, with playing games through the mobile browser impossible if not too cumbersome to enjoy. Now, you can find casino apps for Android which are sleek, fast, and boast almost as many games as their parent sites. The best apps not only have casino slots for Android and the best Android games, but many also feature free casino games to allow you to try the mobile gaming experience. Almost all games are made to be mobile-optimised now, including many live casino games for Android devices.

Android casino games are wildly popular now, with Android casinos being the go-to way to play.



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