The SAMM Easter race season was completed on May 26th and totalled 11 races, a number having been lost through bad weather.

It was an extremely close fought season with some great sailing from everybody who took part and the final scores reflected this. Using the “Low Score” system gave results of first 42.25 points, with second and third tied on 42.5 points.

However, as is normal, the three worse scores of each boat were dropped to give final scores and placing’s of first Mistral with 11.5 points, second Topaz with 22.25 points and third Cuatro with 23.5 points.

The Topaz is owned by Julian Singleton but Mistral is a Balaton Group boat and Cuatro a Shoestring Group boat so are sailed by different people most race days.

The results were announced and the trophies presented at SAMM meeting on June 12th. Rob Peck collected the winner’s trophy on behalf of the various Mistral crews and Jack Moss did the same for the Cuatro crews

The Late Spring Season is now underway and continues every Sunday until July 14th.

For full information about SAMM and the race program go to https://sailingmarmenor.com/