28 years after first being sworn in – on the birth of his daughter – Mayor José enters new term with great enthusiasm

Los Montesinos Mayor José Manuel Butron (centre) and his team of Councillors.
Los Montesinos Mayor José Manuel Butron (centre) and his team of Councillors.

By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

LOS Montesinos Mayor José Manuel Butron says the people of the town continue to have confidence in the PSOE – 28 years after first being sworn into office.

“Twenty eight years ago I was elected to office for the first time in Los Montesinos – my village – a town where, after segregation from Almoradí, we held the first Municipal elections as a people,” Mayor Butron told me.

The PSOE success in the 2019 May elections saw José Butron once again retain his position as Mayor.

“We govern. The people have given us their confidence. And in the last elections – with much more support,” said Mayor Butron.

The Vega Baja town of Los Montesinos, Alicante, has a population of less than 5,000 people, being Spanish born and foreign residents.

Mayor Butron, the only Mayor in Los Montesinos since the town gained Independence, said: “It is a lot of responsibility – but we hope not to disappoint – and give our best.

“The people of Los Montesinos have given great support.”

Los Montesinos is a town with ambitions, moving forward, and Mayor Butron said: “I hope to achieve all the goals and challenges that we have raised in this term. We have the desire – and we renew our commitments.”

Mayor Butron and his Councillors are ready for the challenges ahead, after being elected for the next four years, to serve the community.

“We have a great team and we will work to improve the lives of our neighbours – for social justice – and progress for everyone,” said Mayor Butron.

The seven socialist councillors have taken office, with José Manuel Butrón Sánchez Mayor of Los Montesinos, for the period 2019-2023.

“We start a new term with great enthusiasm for the challenges ahead – of which we will achieve – with your participation and support. Thanks for the confidence,” said Mayor Butron.

On being sworn in as Mayor for the first time 28 years ago, Mayor Butron said: “It remains to be a very special day. A day I was picking up my wife from the hospital, following the birth of our daughter.”


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