The World Of Sports In Spain

The World Of Sports In Spain
The World Of Sports In Spain

Whether you are located in Spain or you are just an admirer of the country, it is hard to deny that they are a powerhouse of sports. The country is quite well-known for its sporting ventures.

The country is highly known for their variations of football, but it really is the English style of soccer that is becoming the most dominant. In fact, two of the most dominant soccer teams in the world come from Spain. This would be the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF. Spain’s national soccer team was also one of the first ever to win a three-peat in the international tournaments.

There is simply no denying that there is a lot going on in the world of soccer in Spain. This in combination with the other available sports and it can make it hard to keep up with everything that is currently going on.

The World Of Sports In Spain
The World Of Sports In Spain

Match Fixing Allegations?

There have been many a tennis star come out of Spain, but it is hard to find one that matches Feliciano Lopez. The star has certainly made his mark on the game while making his home country proud at the same time. Well, it seems that all of this glory could be coming to an end. Lopez was accused of fixing the 2017 Wimbledon doubles game where he partnered with Marc Lopez.

Feliciano, of course, denied these allegations, but the scandal nonetheless rocked the Spanish community. The claims are that the Lopez duo agreed to throw the match for the Australian duo of Matt Reid and John-Patrick Smith. It is certainly easy to understand why spectators would make these accusations. After all, the Spanish duo just brought home the French Open title in 2016.

FIH Hockey Series Are Now Tied

As a Spanish fan or resident, you probably already know that Spain has been gifted the right to host the women’s field hockey finals. It should also be noted that they are highly favored favorites in the tournament.

Well, it looks like the Canadian women’s team might have something to say about this as they just tied the host 1 to 1 in the opening round. Brienne Stairs tied the game later after Carola Salvatella got the initial goal just 41 seconds into the start of the game.

This quick score didn’t deter the ranked number 21 Canadians as they played diligently until the game was tied. In the final quarter, the Canadian team just looked more comfortable and simply outplayed the ranked number 7 team. Now, that the tournament is tied it certainly brings about intriguing odds for the upcoming games. This is something that all sports bettors will want to keep in mind when they are plating free online pokies games for Australians.

China Turns To Spain For Help

There is simply no denying that Span is a powerhouse when it comes to soccer. This is probably exactly why the Chinese are turning to Spain to train their up and coming young stars. This interaction is set to take place at a training center in Madrid. The hopes are that Spain will be able to help the China team create the country’s next big football stars. The Chinese delegates said that Spain has a very important and rich history in the sport and that is why they have chosen them to lead their future players.

They believe that their players can benefit from the technical and tactical prowess of the Spanish coaches. The training center is said to host a variety of selected youth teams from China’s Football Association. This will be a 10-month training program that will put the young player through strenuous and strategical workouts.

11 Months In And Now Out

It has just been recently reported that Spain’s manager Luis Enrique is stepping away from the game for personal reasons. It seems that the assistant coach Robert Moreno is going to step up and take the reins.

Luis might have signed a two-year contract back in July of 2018, but it seems that he has been absent since Match. The reason was that has an urgent family matter that needed tending to. Luis came into the franchise when it was at an all-time low and it seems that he did have some success with the team during his short tenure.