First PSOE Mayor for 16 years in San Miguel

First PSOE Mayor for 16 years in San Miguel
First PSOE Mayor for 16 years in San Miguel

San Miguel de Salinas will have its first left PSOE led government for 16 years when the new council is sworn into office on 15 June.

The mayoral candidate for the PSOE and winner of the elections, Juan de Dios Fresneda, says that he has reached agreement to form a coalition with Adelante and IU and all are very much looking forward to the next four years of their administration.

Fresneda said that during the last week he has held separate meetings with the lawyer Noelia García, number one on the Adelante list and with Bienvenida Campillo, councillor of the IU. This week there will also be a meeting between all three leaders to finalise the agreement. However the three formations have already confirmed that they are delighted to be working together.

Of 13 council seats the PSOE won six councillors, PP four, Adelante San Miguel won one seat and IU also won one and while the PSOE only required the support of one of the two parties they have actually reached an agreement with both.

The total number of votes cast in the elections for all parties was 1919, a turnout of 60.69%.


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