Ladies 16th Annual Presentation Dinner

This year the Ladies of the League gathered at El Nacional Restaurante in Punta Prima for their 16th Annual Presentation Dinner.

The Presentation commenced with special gifts for Don Martin our photographer for the night, along with Kim York-Fickling and Simone de Lacy for their services and work in helping the Coordinator to run the League.  Following that, Gifts for the men, that kindly mark at our main events during the season.  Pictures; Ernie, Nigel Bradley and Stan Veale who have become an essential part of the League this season.

This year, along with Flowers, envelopes were also  presented to the Captains  The contents of the envelopes was for Captains to distribute to Players on their team who had won various awards throughout the season:  (pictured Captains).

180’s & 171’s

Bliss Wright (180), Pamela Taylor (180), Simone de Lacy (171), Shirley Stephenson (171), Sue Casey (171)


Annette Dobson, Eliz Cowan, Lorraine McGrath, Pam Horton, Pamela Taylor, Pat Woods

Bull Finishes

Kim Fickling, Beatty Powell, Annette Dobson, Mitch Halliday, Chris Greenwood, Cynthia Jevons, Pat Woods

This was followed by the presentation of League  Badges and League Certificates, awards that have been won throughout the season, a League Badge for Angie Jeffery.  Certificates presented to;  Lesley Eagles, Jean Keeley, Karen Millar, Eileen Rood, Sharon Frain, Annette Dobson, Michelle Marsden, Kath Morgan and Lynn Cain Certficates and Badges were then presented to;  Lilian Wood, Maureen Skelton, Cath Carter, Linda St Lawrence and Pat Schofield.

The Highest Checkout went to Kim Fickling, and Least Darts jointly to Cynthia Jevons and Bliss Wright.

Our Ladies PairsChamions were Pat Schofield/ Lesley Eagles, with Bliss Wright/ Elly Kearns as Runners-Up, and  Semi-Finalists; Ann McGivern/June Hawkins along with Elizabeth Cowan/ Sheerin Seedat.

Our Ladies Singles Champion this year is Beatty Powell, with Runner-Up Simone de Lacy and joint third Lin Cousins and Elizabeth Cowan.  Not to be forgotten, our Quarter Finalists Sandra Crabbe, Annette Dobson, Pat Wood and Lorraine Veale.

Next we came to the Captain’s Cup, awarded by Captainsfor different reasons, to a player on their team:  for the Black Dog Ladies    it went to Marylyn Jackson, El Balcon Chicas -Sue Casey, Friendly’s Chicas – Lin Cousins, Friendly’s Temps – Sue Wade, Gap Ladies -Tracey Simpson, Macklins Dolly Mixtures – Jean Keeley, Primadonnas – Lisa Alsop and finally Wildcats – Groa Bryndis.

The Players Team of the Year went to the Black Dog Ladies.     The Diana Lloyd Memorial Shield Champions are the Gap Ladies and the Runners up are the Primadonnas. .  The Highest Checkout of the tournament went to Pam Horton.  (pictured  Primadonnas).

The Founder´s Format Champions are the Gap Ladies, Runners Up Macklins Dolly Mixtures and 3rd place went to El Balcon Chicas.  With the Wooden Spoon going to the Wildcats.  (pictured Gap Ladies).

The League Championship:  Our Champions are the Gap Ladies, and the Runners Up El Balcon Chicas and 3rd Place Friendlyt’s Temps.  The Wooden Spoon was won by the Wildcats.  (pictured Friendly’s Temps, El Balcon Chicas and The Wildcats).

For this year’s Player of the Year a new system has been introduced.  The two players who have won the most games on each team, throughout the season, are selected to take part in a Play Off.  Players draw for the board they will play on, in groups of four.  They then play each other in a Round Robin format and the top player in each group go through to th Semi-finals, then Final, untll we get a winner.

This produces a Player of the Year for each team and an Overall Player of the year for the League.  This years Player of the Year was won by Shirley Stephenson from El Balcon Chicas. Team winners are Black Dog Ladies   – Noreen Dobbs, Friendly’s Chicas – Sue Cam, Friendly’s Temps – Sue Wade, Gap Ladies – Simone de Lacy, Macklins Dolly Mixtures – Selma Dyer, Primadonnas – Mitch Halliday and Wildcats – Groa Brindis.

During the evening, a Special Raffle and Auction was held for Jane Barnes, who is currently undergoing treatment for Cancer in the UK.  We ALL wish Jane a full recovery and the best of health for the future.

New Season 2019 – 2020

Any new teams interested in joining the League should contact the Co-oordinator, Pam Horton, for Registration Forms, and further details.  All new teams wishing to Register, need to return their Registration form along with Venue Form, photos and fee; on or before the 31st July 2019. This year, Existing Teams also need to provide new passport size photos, and a new form is being issued for this purpose.   This Renewal Form also needs to be returned by the 31st July 2019.

Now, on behalf of our Three Amigos, Kim, Simone and myself, we would like to thank everyone for your support throughout the year, and for our flowers and gifts at the Presentation Dinner. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next Captains Meeting and the AGM.


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