What Research Papers You Need To Know About Brexit

What Research Papers You Need To Know About Brexit
What Research Papers You Need To Know About Brexit

If you want to learn about Brexit, there are many research papers that can teach you about it. Basically, Brexit is a shorthand way of describing the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. It is a combination of Britain and exit. On June 23, 2016, about 71.8% of the citizens in the United Kingdom came out to vote for and against Brexit.

This sums up to 30 million people. About 48.1% voted against it while 51.9% voted for the motion. Since then, several research papers have been written to describe the implications of Brexit on the people, the government, and the world. If you want to learn more about it you can get the information you need by reading these papers.

Top Researchers Papers About Brexit

  1. After Brexit?: European Unity and the Unity of European Churches

This research paper by Matthias Grebe talks about the social, cultural, and political implementation of Brexit. The writer talks about how the people of Britain can adjust to the inevitable changes stating clearly that it is not something they can turn back from. It also talks about the advantages and disadvantages attached to Britain leaving the European Union.

  1. The End of Liberal Europe

This is one of the research papers about Brexit that talks about the instability that has emerged thanks to the Brexit deal. The writer, Daniel Sorluca, insists that the world has entered a period of destabilization were conflicts now exits between friendlies, and not opposing parties as it was in the past.

  1. Brits in France, the European Elections and the Council of State

A while ago, the hashtag #DeniedMyVotewejt went viral on Twitter. Citizens of the European Union complained about their inability to vote because of clerical errors. This paper talks about this situation and how Britain’s exit affects electoral stability in the European Union. The writer insisted that it’s going to take many years before the people and the government can adapt after every aspect of the exit has been finalized. This paper was published by Sébastien Platon.

  1. A Christian Perspective on Brexit – Part 1 And 2

Following the referendum, Joshua T Searle published a two-part paper about Brexit from the point of view of a Christian. If you’re interested in the biblical-theological perspective of Britain’s exit from the European Union, this paper is for you. The writer talks about the root causes of Britain’s exit from the European Union, its advantages, its disadvantages and what the future holds. Everything in the paper was based on the perspective of a Christian.

  1. Goodbye, New Europeans?

Written by Vedrana Velickovic, this paper contains a vivid description of what it means to be a European and a Brit following the referendum. If you’re still not sure about the implications of being a Brit and a European after the exit is complete, you should read this research paper. It may be just what you need to understand Brexit.

It is important to note that after the vote for Brexit was passed, a 2-year long process started to ensure a smooth exit. The initial deadline for this was March 2019 but it has been extended to October 2019. When the process is complete, Britain will no longer be a part of the European Union.

These research papers contain details of the exit and what it means for the people and the government. You can learn as much as you can before the new deadline is reached in October. The more you learn about Brexit, the more prepared you will be for what is to come.

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