The Top things to do in Costa Blanca


The best time to visit the white sands of spelling is during summer. Costa Blanca Spain has a lot to offer from endless sceneries to the parties that never stop. There is a range of fun activities to do in Costa Blanca and here are some things you should consider.  With, you can make it even more interesting, and play your favorite games to win big on your vacation!

The Top Ways to Spend Time in Costa Blanca

So, what are you looking to do in Costa Blanca? Here is a look at how you can spend your time.

1. Start by visiting  Benidorm.

Costa Blanca is known for its white beaches for nothing. It boasts of some of the best whites beaches in Spain. Benidorm is a huge tourist attraction for them. Moreover, there are a variety of bars and tapas in the Old Town of Benidorm. The restaurants offer a variety of treats at an affordable price. The Old Town also gives you a feel of the authentic Spanish way of life. If you are lucky enough, you can attend one of the fifty fiestas of the area and find out about the rich history and culture of the city.

Moreover, the Algae Waterfalls are a must visit when you are in the area. During Summer, the waterfall glitters from the reflection of the sun rays, giving them the perfect natural view. They are located in Callosa d’EN Sarria.

2. Javea.

Montgo Natural Part has a lot of natural wonders that are worth checking. However, if you would like a more natural scene, then the Javea beaches are a great place to relax. The area has a lot of restaurants that offer amazing snacks. Also, there are a variety of fun activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling.

3. Enjoy the wild nights of Alicante.

Alicante has a variety of clubs, bars, pool parties and casinos that make the nights amazing. If you enjoy Flamenco dancing, there are favorite joints such as La Guitarreria Tablao Flamenco worth trying. If you are looking for some exploration, then visit the Barrio Santa Cruz and the Castle of Santa Barbara. There is also plenty of fun in Benidorm.

4. Hike the Ice Mountain

The Serra Gelada Natural Park is an excellent place for a hiking activity.  The ice mountain is more than  5600 hectares and has a breathtaking view. There is also plenty of flora and fauna. The mountain is surrounded by towns such as Benidorm and I’Alfás del Pi.

5. Visit the museum.

The museum of Museo Arquelogico Provincial Del Alicante has a vast collection of Iberian art and ceramics. If you are interested in the artworks of the famous Picasso and Miro, then the Museo De Arte de Siglo XX Asegurida is the place to go.

6. Head over to Calpe.

Calpe is another excellent place which is full of beautiful sandy beaches. The natural scenery of Parque Natural de Penyal  De’Ifach makes Calpe impressive.


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