Prison for Benidorm Drug Mule

Prison for Benidorm Drug Mule
Prison for Benidorm Drug Mule

A 38-year-old man has been sentenced to six years in prison and fined of 38,000 euro for an offence against public health, in connection with a drug arrest in Benidorm in October.

The man was arrested by officers from the National Police in October, whilst walking down a street in the town. A rucksack carried by the man contained a large quantity of drugs, specifically 944 grams of MDMA, which had a purity of 82% and so a street value of 37,197 euro, and a small amounts of cannabis.

The defendant was remanded in custody from the time of his arrest until the trial began on 14 May, after which the prosecution and the defendant reached an agreement under which the latter assumed the sentence of six years imprisonment in addition to payment of a fine of 38,000 euro and the costs of the prosecution.


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