The ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019 – Rumours, Expectations and Everything Else You Need To Know

SPRINKLERS STOP PLAY! LaMangaTorre CC stumped 
SPRINKLERS STOP PLAY! LaMangaTorre CC stumped 

As the months leading up to the ICC World Cup have turned into days which are fast turning into hours, there has been many rumours, assumptions and obvious expectations amongst spectators fans and sportsmen alike. What will occur during the big cricket matches this year? Will some plays be the first of their kind and leave a mark in history and will 2019 is going to be the year for cricket? Which team will surprise us the most and who will win the Cup? These are only some of the questions lurking in the back of everybody’s minds and with the ICC World Cup a mere few hours away, we debunk rumours and highlight some of the most interesting scenarios to have occurred during the lead up to the final hours where the match commences with South Africa against England.

Has India Prepared Enough for the Cricket World Cup?

India has had tongues wagging after it was discovered that some members of the team including the captain himself, ViratKohli, have only just recently returned from a vacation. While many fans would prefer to hear news of the team hard at work on the pitch, there are rumours circulating that the team was given some off time in order to avoid burning out. However, other teams have been warming up and India is relying solely on coming out on top with their first two matches against New Zealand and Bangladesh. This does indeed beg the question, whether or not India has prepared enough and if so, will it be enough for them to stand a shot at winning the ICC World Cup.

Will England Improve On Batting?

There is no doubt fans are happy and content with England’s batting abilities. This has been proven in the build-up leading to the ICC World Cup where England took Pakistan 4-0. The complete victory has eased fans minds however, it has been rumoured fanatics shouldn’t be too comfortable in their conviction of taking the Cup as England could use some improvement on their batting as it isn’t as dominant as their batting skills.

Is South Africa Prepped Despite Injuries?

Over the past few weeks leading up to the Cricket World Cup, South Africa has been set back due to numerous injuries and key players being benched and replaced. The injuries of AnrichNortje have had him replaced by Chris Morris. Other players who have been unable to practice include Lungi Ngidi, Dale Steyn and Kagiso Rabada.

It is expected that England will go far in the ODI series due to the hard training but only time will tell who will take the cup. Another expectation is for South Africa to take the match coming up on the 30th of May 2019. With only a few days to go, teams in place and rumours circulating, all of our expectations can only be proven by the time our most beloved teams take to the pitch to represent our countries.


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