The brave face of the Orihuela PSOE

The brave face of the Orihuela PSOE
The brave face of the Orihuela PSOE

” La Orihuela Valiente”  is the slogan that the Orihuela PSOE have chosen to use during their electoral campaign, ‘Orihuela the Brave,’ but I find it disappointing that the party don’t seem to be brave enough to face the electorate on the Orihuela Costa.

The list of rallies that they have published has them travelling around the city and the pedanias but, rather surprisingly, there is nothing scheduled for the coast.

They do produce a manifesto in English, however, that promises improved services for the coast. Among the areas covered there is the establishment of an efficient public transport system, direct management of the sports centre, an eco park, youth centre, second health centre, cultural centre and promises to make the Civic Centre into a health and leisure centre for the elderly.

So why cant they tell us all this in person I wonder?


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