12 Amazing Medium Hairstyles with Side Bangs In 2019

12 Amazing Medium Hairstyles with Side Bangs In 2019
12 Amazing Medium Hairstyles with Side Bangs In 2019

If you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle that will take you from an office to a night party, these medium hairstyles are the way to go.

Cute and Low Maintenance Medium Hairstyles to Try This Year


The medium hairstyles with bangs are the best haircut to choose especially for those women who need low maintenance haircuts. They are some of the most straightforward and elegant hairdos, and there are many variations that you can try.

Besides, the bangs incorporate a funky and fantastic texture to the everyday medium hairstyles and make them more attractive. They are ideal haircuts for women who don’t want to style short hairstyles and at the same time are unable to keep long hairdos. Here are some looks you should consider in 2019.

  1. Light Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs.

This is an ideal medium hairstyle for women who want a hairstyle that is chic and sophisticated, but at the same time classy. While this wavy hairstyle is simple, the side bangs are great elements for adding classiness to it. Besides, the haircut is effortless to manage and appears seamlessly cute.

  1. Beautiful Layers and Side Bangs.

If you are looking simplicity in haircuts, then this hairstyle will give you that. It incorporates simple layers and beautiful side bangs. The side bangs are useful in this simple hairstyle since they add volume to your manes and makes it appear fuller.

The length layer cut enhances texture and also the shape of this haircut. The side bangs allow you to experiment with different styles. For instance, you can brush them at the centre or to the sides. You can also decide to pin them upwards to create a puff.


  1. Mid-Layers and Extended Bangs.

Creating flowing layers is always an excellent option for medium hairstyles. It enhances the volume of your hair and makes the locks appear stylish and modern. Extended side bangs just boost your medium hair and give it some unique zest, which is provided only by the bangs.

  1. Messy Low Bun.

To create this casual yet stunning style, tie your hair up in a shaggy bun and allow the bangs to fall on your forehead. This simple and quick medium hairstyle is ideal for any occasion.

You can create this haircut into any look and complements almost all attire. It is one of the classiest and neat hairdos which is professional and casual as well.

  1. Side Swept Bangs.

A common step haircut with beautiful side bangs for women with medium hair is the most popular and comfortable medium length hairstyle. The hairstyle is natural and beautiful and doesn’t need any additional styling.

 You can just let it loose, comb it and attend any occasion. The sides bangs are useful since they highlight your face and gives way the elegance of this haircut.

  1. Side Bangs with Braids.

If you want to enhance the top volume of your hairstyle, then if you choose long bangs, you will accomplish that easily. Medium hairstyle with long bangs requires proper maintenance, so also including the sweeping side bangs and then braiding the remaining ones would be a great idea. This haircut is convenient.


  1. Long Beach Waves and Side Bangs.

This haircut of medium length locks with side bangs falling on the forehead is a stylish hairstyle. It looks subtle and presents a neat and formal appearance.

The included side bangs make it possible to line the hairline and hide some body hair perfectly. The bangs are perfectly placed on the forehead and don’t make you uncomfortable.

  1. High Ponytail and Side Bangs.

This medium hairstyle features a high ponytail and side bangs which are styled at the shoulder length. The duo complements each other perfectly to give this stunning hairstyle.

The haircut gives you an impression of a tall individual. The shoulder side bangs accentuate the jawline and the cheekbones. This haircut is very easy to style and beautiful and eye-appealing as well.

  1. Sleek Medium Layers.

Most medium hairstyles incorporate bangs, but the bangs in this haircut are sleek than usual ones. They make the hair voluminous without emphasising it too much.


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