Work suspended on Rojales Bridge

Work suspended on Rojales Bridge
Work suspended on Rojales Bridge

The mayor of Rojales, Antonio Pérez, has terminated the 700,000 euro repair contract awarded in January to the company Aitana, because of spiralling costs.

The company was engaged to refurbish the hydraulic complex of the historic Charles III Bridge that runs over the Segura River, as well as the dam and the old water wheel.

The restoration work should have been completed last month but it has been held up for some weeks since the company asked for a further 100,000 euro to purchase high quality granite.  Although there is no official documentation on the matter the Spanish press is that the company is willing to finish the work but not with the material originally specified.

Meanwhile the anger of many residents is being publicly exhibited on social networks. The bridge, a Rojales landmark, and one of the most recognisable images associated with the town is a very important vehicle and pedestrian thoroughfare and the paralysis of the work is also affecting the surrounding streets, damaging many of the businesses located in the area.

Aitana was also awarded the contract to build a new pool and refurbish the sports centre, work with it has also had problems in completing.


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