PP Assessor defects to Ciudadanos

Fermin with Ann Hadley and Cllr Luisa Bone, both members of Ciudadanos
Fermin with Ann Hadley and Cllr Luisa Bone, both members of Ciudadanos

The adviser during the current Orihuela government to the PP Councillor for Tourism and Foreign Residents, Fermín González, announced last week that he will be supporting Ciudadanos in the next Municipal Election to be held on 26 May.

In recent days the assessor, who still remains an employee of the Partido Popular, has been increasingly seen in the company of C’s councillors and officials, even attending the launch of the Party electoral delegates in Orihuela last Thursday.

Fermin is well known locally and during the period of the current government he has been located in the Orihuela Costa Town Hall where he has ben of great assistance to and has made many friends in the expat community.

Although he told the Leader that he just wants to ‘keep his head down and get on with his work’ his defection is just another example in the crisis that is currently affecting the PP. It is well known that the current mayor and candidate Emilio Bascuñana is still at loggerheads with the local president Dámaso Aparicio with no likelihood of any resolution between the two politicians.

As such, Tourism adviser Fermín González, has now decided to depart the formation of Pablo Casado and move across to his main rival at the polls, Ciudadanos. Gonzalez is not on the list of Orihuela candidates, which is led by José Aix, but he will be one of the visible faces of the campaign and considered as one of his “star signings”.

His immediate boss, Sofía Álvarez, is one of the councillors who refused to stand on the PP list for the upcoming elections, saying that she was completely disheartened by the party split caused by Bascuñana and Aparicio. But she added that despite widespread speculation and her many differences with the two men she will not be leaving the Partido Popular.

Ciudadanos leader, José Aix, said that “there are many people who are approaching my party because they are despairing of the internal situation of the PP”. He added that “there is a lot of internal pent-up anger among the PP and many people even say that they want to help us, but they will not say it publicly.” On the defection of well-known faces from the PP, Aix indicated that “in the PP there are some very capable people so if they want to help us in the future they are welcome to do so.”


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