Great Weather for SAAM – at last

Great Weather – at last
Great Weather – at last

After so many cancelled races this season, on Sunday 28th April SAMM’s sailors at last were blessed with great racing weather. This resulted in the best turnout this year, 18 competitors sailing in 10 boats.

Race winners
Race winners

First race: All 10 boats got off to a fine start with 8 vying for a place on the start line. One of the Gambas wrongly calling for water against the Laser Radial. Good nature won over and the Radial did give way. With a light 8 knot wind the boats soon spread out and the race was without incident, except for the support boat getting in the way on the finish line, preventing the race control getting a clear sight when one of the Gambas was finishing.

Second race: With the wind now at 13-14 knots the start was quite dramatic a lot of starboard calling, the Omega flying over the line with Topaz in hot pursuit and Cuatro, with a damaged rudder, struggling to catch up. The racing was complicated by the presence of swimmers in the water and another sailing school using the buoys for practice, at one instance, forcing the Sea Hopper to miss the mark.

With the Radial calling starboard on the Gamba Uno and being ignored, the Race Officer was expecting a protest but once again good will prevailed. On every lap there were at least two boats vying for the finish line with only seconds between them, thus keeping the intrepid race control officers on their toes.  Again, no incidents during a fiercely contested but friendly and close race.

Winners: First race, Julian Singleton in the Topaz. Second race, Derek Howe and Ian Sinclair in Mistral.

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