Euronics Darts League – 2nd Half Week 6

Euronics Darts League
Euronics Darts League

Pint Depot Queen’s v Chemies Chicks

The Queens & The Chicks enjoyed an evening of great darts this week. There is a saying “Pint For The Chalker” when both teams have the same score remaining…..if this was the case, the chalkers would have been rather tipsy. The scores reflected how well matched the 2 teams were. Several times the players also ended up in the Madhouse with the “all darts count” rule.

The trebles saw Debbie (85) D1 and Cheryl (79) D2 taking the lead for the Queens. Vi´s 99 beat Susan´s 95 in the third treble and Susan went on to get D3.

In the doubles Andrea (108,116) and Kerry (67) brought the numbers down for the Chicks, but Ali (83) and Debbie (82) who had the throw first took out D1. 

Cheryl & Vi took on Michelle and Henni … Henni (112) had been frustrated with herself in an earlier game so it was time for her to be proud of her darts in this match. With 72 left on the board, she hit T19, 3, D6.

Rachel & Maggie played a steady game but Susan (81,95) was on fire and took D2 to make it 3 – 3 at the break.

Captain Lorraine (62,85) took on Kerry who took the first point D6.  Marie (62, 73, 95) hit D1 against Andrea (64, 72).  Lyn (73) hit D3 against Michelle.  Rachel (61) & Henni (67) spent a while chasing D1, Rachel took that point.  Vi played a steady game but Winnie (84) took D3.  The final game saw Debbie take on Susan.  Queen Deb (60, 71, 90) left herself 32 and tried to keep it even, Susan (80, 91) unfortunately left herself 15 and was chasing for an odd number, Deb hit D4 to give the Queens the win.

Amazing meatballs by Marie must be mentioned, thanks to The Chicks for a great night.

Trinity Rioja Panthers v Pint Depot Jesters

Both teams played very well with some high scores.  Michelle from the Panthers had the highest score of the night 138 and was named Man of the Match.  Peter for Pint Depot Jesters had the highest scores, and won three games, also named Man of the Match.

A very good night, lots of fun and laughter with a 6 – 6 draw as the final result.

League Table 2nd Half Week 6
League Table 2nd Half Week 6


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