Animals Poisoned in San Miguel and Orihuela Costa

Finca la Castellana animal welfare centre
Finca la Castellana animal welfare centre

We are very concerned at the moment about several cases of fatal animal poisonings in the area and wanted to warn all pet owners.

It would appear that cooked potatoes are being filled with cheese and poison, and left in areas that cats frequent or dogs are walked. If eaten by a cat or dog, the animal will immediately become ill, with vomiting and dribbling, probably containing blood, they need instant emergency veterinary treatment.

Veterinarian Eduardo Nunez Gonzalez of Eduardo’s Pets, El Galan, has informed the local police and given a report concerning a dog that they managed to save from such a case. Please beware and report anything suspicious.

On a happier note, here at Finca la Castellana animal welfare centre, we are celebrating ten years as a charity.

Finca la Castellana animal welfare centre
Finca la Castellana animal welfare centre

To commemorate the occasion we are holding our very first dog show on Saturday the 4th of May. Registration opens at 11am, the fun begins at 11.45am with a demonstration from our ex RAF dog trainer Brian.

There will then be ten fun classes, something for everyone, and three guest judges. And if you don’t have a dog of your own, borrow one of ours! We are also holding a cake competition judged solely on taste and not appearance, a prize for the winner and then all cakes will be sold to help raise money for our charity.

Throughout the day there will be a BBQ, refreshments, tombolas, hook a duck, and count the spots on our rescue Dalmatian Freckles. For more information or to reserve a rescue dog for the show, please contact Beccie on 603251004, or check out our Facebook page, Finca la Castellana.    


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