How Does a Strike Affect Your Travel Plans?

How Does a Strike Affect Your Travel Plans?
How Does a Strike Affect Your Travel Plans?

A strike is defined as an event that can lead to the complete suspension of travel services either from your point of departure or at your destination, and you have no other way of travelling. A strike is an unforeseen event that is completely out of your control. There is nothing you can do but wait it out and hope the strike ends soon.

If you were planning to travel and had already made all your bookings, or were currently on a trip when the strike occurred, it can be really difficult. Which is why insurance companies also offer Strike Cover Travel Insurance.

What is Strike Cover Travel Insurance?

Considering how strikes can completely derail travellers’ plans, many travel insurance companies also offer strike cover travel insurance. Such a plan ensures that if your journey has either been cancelled or interrupted by a sudden strike, because of which your public transport has been affected, you will be compensated for it.

What is Covered?

Strike Cover Travel Insurance covers two sections of your insurance policy:

  1. Delayed Departure

If the strike has delayed your departure for 12 or more hours, you are eligible to claim a fixed amount for every 12 hours of delay, the details of which will be given in your insurance policy.

If, however, this delay is more than 24 hours, you can cancel your trip and you will be refunded the cancellation costs that cannot be recovered from anywhere else (such as the airlines company).

  1. Missed Departure

If the strike caused you to miss your departure then the insurance company reimburse you the amount mentioned in your schedule of cover for additional accommodation as well as travel expenses incurred by you to reach either your international destination or your home country. The accommodation, of course, has to be within a limit and the insurer will pay for room only.

What Claims Evidence Do You Require?

It is easy to blame strikes for an interrupted or cancelled trip. Which is why insurance companies need proof that it was directly because of that strike that your trip was impacted. This is the list of documents that you would be asked to provide:

  • Details of your travel itinerary
  • A letter from the carrier or its handling agents detailing the number of hours the flight was delayed, the reason why it was delayed and a confirmation of the time that you checked in at the airport.
  • Unused travel tickets
  • Receipts of all transport, accommodation and other costs that you are claiming for
  • A letter confirming the details of the strike from the relevant transport provider or authority

Remember, you need to have bought your travel insurance and made your travel bookings before the strike was announced. If this strike does not directly impact the public transport that you have been booked on then your claim will be invalid. And if you decided to cancel your trip because there was a threat of industrial action or a strike, then you cannot claim strike cover travel insurance.




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