PSOE say that Horadada is the healthiest municipality

Ximo Puig and Ignacio Ramos with Pilar María Samper
Ximo Puig and Ignacio Ramos with Pilar María Samper

The PSOE has included Pilar de la Horadada on the list of the healthiest municipalities in the whole of Spain, with a liquidity of more than 21 million euros. The City Council now has 10 million euros more than in 2014 and in 2019 it will reduce the debt of 9 million, inherited from the Partido Popular, to zero.

According to Pilar María Samper. “The figures are not open to interpretation, they are objective. And what they tell us is that the money management of the town council has been excellent,” she said.

The accounts of this legislature at the end of its current term show that the City Council’s liquidity has grown more than 100% since 2014, since it has increased by 10 million euro in a liquid reserve of more than 21 million. “This amount may be allocated to investment projects, which will have to be financially sustainable at the discretion of the Ministry, and which will involve an injection into services and infrastructure for the collective benefit of all residents,” said the PSOE candidate for mayor.

“Fortunately, both the Government of Spain and the Generalitat have been sensitive sensitivity and with a clear intention to support all municipalities; but in addition, we have been very proactive and we have fought each call, ” she added.


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