Torrevieja murder suspect dies in jail

Torrevieja murder suspect dies in jail
Torrevieja murder suspect dies in jail

A jury had to be dissolved on Monday following the death in custody of a man who was undergoing prosecution for the murder and dismemberment of a parent in Torrevieja in August 2016.

The accused left a letter in which he exonerated two other people involved in the case from the actual murder, although, prior to its dissolution, one of the accused, a woman, was sentenced to seven years in prison for theft, burglary and concealment.

Both she and the defendant, took the victim’s mobile phone, a 62-year-old man, before she transferred 800 euros from his bank account to her own.

Later, the pair asked for a loan of 2,400 euros, also in the man’s name, although this was refused. Charges against a third person involved in the case were dropped.

The murder was only discovered when the head of the deceased appeared at a landfill in Elche. Two days later, two legs were found, with the feet, as well as a bag containing the heart, lungs and the rest of organs.


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