International Walking Football Competition 2019

International Walking Football Competition 2019
International Walking Football Competition 2019

Friday 29th March saw Playa Flamenca Walking Wanderers hold their 4th Annual International Competition which is getting better each year.

There were 3 teams over from the U.K. Hartshill, Hemel Town and   Coventry City competing for the Keith Whightman trophy with another 7 teams, representing local villages or towns.  Playa Flamenca A& B teams, San Miguel Strollers, Esquina Park Rangers,  Hondon Valley Fliers, Portobello and Gran Alicant.

This year there was a hard fought final between one of the teams from England, Hemel Town and Playa Flamenca’s A team. The home team scored twice but with tired legs, from this all day competition conceded a goal late into the second half to finish the game to the home teams advantage 2-1

A raffle was held for charity which raised 260 euros and this shall be donated shortly.

The Photo shows the winning team, Playa Flamenca Walking Wanderers, with Mrs Barbara Whightman.


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