Doubling Your Earnings When Betting For The 2019 Preakness Stakes

Doubling Your Earnings When Betting For The 2019 Preakness Stakes. Photo by Whitney Combs on Unsplash
Doubling Your Earnings When Betting For The 2019 Preakness Stakes. Photo by Whitney Combs on Unsplash

When it comes to sports gambling and betting, horse racing brings the most diversified category of odds and entries. If you dig deeper and compare horse racing to other types of sports, it is normally attended by a lot of entries. That is the main reason why bookmakers had to make a way of coming up with several betting categories that each bettor can partake.

In line with that, the Preakness Stakes which is the middle jewel of the Triple Crown Series will commence this year in less than 50 days from now. The Preakness Stakes in preceded by Kentucky Derby and succeeded by Belmont Stakes which is the final leg. Truly, this horse racing showdown which will be held in Pimlico Park, Baltimore, Maryland will again attract hundreds and thousands and horse racing fans across the world.

So, as the racing date draws near, some expert bettors are already nosing for the possible horse racers who’s going to put up a big show during Preakness. According to some horse racing experts, this year’s Preakness deems the most exciting edition as a lot of strongest contenders will be joining the said show. Hence, if you are excited to take part in the upcoming Preakness show, let us give to you some techniques first on how you can increase your chances of creating a betting winning streak and end up growing your bank accounts.

Comprehend The Track Field

The very first thing you should consider before you can head on and take part in betting is to understand and know how the horse racing competition runs. Learn and understand what the race track looks like, the general rules and regulations of the show, and finally the characteristics of every horse racers joining the Preakness Stakes.

Additionally, 2019 Preakness Stakes Betting will be much easier if you fully understand how each horse racer run the field, their ability to adjust to the changing weather conditions, and most especially their overall performance. It will also help if you know the full profile of each horse racer when it comes to their trainers, owners, and jockeys.

Note and Itemize Each Odds

Once you have successfully understood what horse racing seems to be and how it’s run, the next thing you should do is to take note of each odds. Keep yourself updated with the Preakness odds and entries so you can keep track which horse racer gets the most number of bets. Knowing each odds will also help you assess the standings of each horse racer with regards to their performance.

Aside from that, your ability to take note every odds in the Preakness Stakes will help you formulate a list of strong entries that you will be betting. Updating it from time to time will help you ensure that you don’t put your betting into waste, but instead, you are doubling your chance of increasing your bank account.

Variegate Your Options

As stated above, compared to other sports, horse racing is often attended by more than 20 entries and it’s hard to guess which entry will win. In that sense, the horse racing bookmakers have made several betting categories you can choose so you can expand you’re waging for the entry you would like to bet.

That said, your chance of doubling your winning streak in betting for the Preakness Stakes may be achieved by diversifying your options. Make sure that you study each betting category and understand how they work. Through this, you will have an option to widespread your betting amount and at the same time increase your chances of winning.

Look For The Value

When betting the Preakness Stakes, you will be one to decide how much you’re going to bet to get the desired amount or the value of the pot prize that each category has. You can either go all the way, percentage sharing, or diving everything. It’s for you to decide whether to go all or nothing.

That said, before you ahead and wage your money for a certain betting category, consider the value you are going to earn for each odds. In most cases,  the higher the odds will be the more likely they earn a big value. Alongside with your knowledge in betting, investing the right amount of money while considering the value of each odds will ultimately increase your winning fleet.

Previous Standings

Aside from the fact that you may have known all the betting techniques mentioned above, one more tip that will best help you if you’d like to double your earning upon betting is knowing the previous forms of each entry. Bear in mind that each horse racer has their own wins and defeat records; thus, studying their previous forms will help you assess which entry you’d like to bet.


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