WATCH: Brexit Forum held in Mojacar


Jessica Simpson, Adele Land and Manolo Zamora from PSOE-SOMOS MOJACAR invited the Director General for the Coordination of Common Policies and General Affairs of the European Union, José Pascual Marco, who took part in an informative event in Mojácar this week.

Around 250 British nationals listened with great interest to José Pascual who attended an event in Mojacar. 

Brexit Forum held in Mojacar
Brexit Forum held in Mojacar

Following introductions by Simpson and Zamora, José Pascual Marco, as representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the Government of Spain “will establish a ‘ gateway ‘ so that British residents in our country can adapt as easily as possible to the new situation that will occur after Brexit. ” 

“British residents are our priority,” said Marco, who pointed out the most uncertain aspects of a more than likely and immediate departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

“I recommend, to those who live here and have not yet become residents in Spain should continue enjoying the benefits they currently have”

Thanks to the coalition of Psoe and Somos Mojacar this event was held in the Parador, where the Director-General responded to more than twenty questions raised by the mostly British attendees, many of them in relation to the procedures to be followed to change their residency status,  social security, healthcare , university eligibility professional training and even on issues as specific as the validity of driving licences. 

José Pascual Marco’s presentation, according to the audience “was, personally, very useful” and he was able to alleviate or clarify some of the concerns of this group in relation to the new situation that will be produced following Brexit.

“We want to reassure the 350,000 British people currently living in our country, but we cannot deceive people, leaving the EU is not a joke, it is rather a trauma that the Government of Spain is trying to minimize as far as possible” .



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