Torrevieja hospital software for Saudi Arabia

Torrevieja hospital software for Saudi Arabia
Torrevieja hospital software for Saudi Arabia

TICH Consulting, a technology and health company, has won the tender carried out by the Saudi company Hosna Medical Care Company and the Belgian consultant Aralis , to instal its clinical health management program, Green Cube, into two hospitals in the city of Riyadh, the provincial capital and Saudi Arabia.

According to a spokesman “this new installation from the Torrevieja based company adds to its client portfolio the management of 300 beds and 250 user licenses, to be mainly used by nursing professionals.

The clinical history has been developed entirely by TICH Consulting, which took more than 70,000 hours of programming by a multidisciplinary team composed of developers, managers, doctors, nurses and administrative staff, all with extensive experience in the health field.

The software created in 2011 is already being used by 120 healthcare companies in 10 countries


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