Ruby’s Golf Society

Ruby’s Golf Society
Ruby’s Golf Society

Bonalba was the destination for our second trophy game of the season, the weather and the course were outstanding, but not the scores, our president managed to maintain his position at the top of the leader board with a poultry 31 points, the scores were as follows.

Nearest the pin scores Bill Peters, Theresa Wright, Peter Jepson and Nigel Wright. Best front nine Roy Wilkinson and best back Nigel Wright.Gold Division winner Bill Peters and silver and overall winner was president Dave Shelton.

The following Friday we had a fun day at La Serena where we played a Texas scramble, the course is quite difficult but never the less the day was very enjoyable, with the overall scores finishing up very close indeed.

The scores on the day were as follows ; Nearest the pins, Theresa Wright (2) and John Clancy, the winning team was Dave Shelton, Roy Wilkinson Theresa Wright and Nigel Wright with a score of 64.81

the other team scores were 64.83, 64.97 and 65.65 so it was very close on the day.

On both occasions we returned to the Raso Rooms for our presentation and a very nice buffet provided by our hosts Merrisa and Jamie. Football card winners were Alex Bolton and Theresa Wright.

Our next outing is at Font Del Llop on the 29th March any one wishing to join us for this or any other game please email us at


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