The Guide for the Best Stag Do in Spain

The Guide for the Best Stag Do in Spain
The Guide for the Best Stag Do in Spain

Spain is an incredibly popular place for stag dos, with its low-cost airfare, brilliant weather and fantastic nightlife. From Barcelona to Madrid, there are countless destinations to choose from for your pre-wedding celebrations and a huge list of potential activities to fill your time with.

Spain enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year and has the most Blue Flag beaches of any country in the world, so where better to enjoy a lads weekend? This is a guide for an unforgettable stag do in Spain that you and your best mates are guaranteed to enjoy.

Choose the ideal location

 Spain is packed with brilliant locations that would make for a great stag do, so think about the types of activities you want to get involved with and choose your location wisely. One of the most popular cities for a stag weekend is Madrid as it has a classically cool vibe and unbelievable nightlife, so if you want to go clubbing or dabble in a spot of betting at a casino, Madrid is an ideal location.

For history and culture, Valencia is a sophisticated choice that is packed with history and hiking trails for those who want a more refined weekend, while Barcelona has the perfect balance of the two. If you want a beach holiday, why not look to locations like Benidorm, Magaluf or Mallorca? Luckily, wherever you choose to go, you’ll enjoy world-class food, architecture and plenty of culture to soak up during your visit.

Pick the best time to go

As they say, timing is everything and while Spain is gorgeous year-round, there are some months that are better suited to a stag do – particularly if you want a beach getaway. Places like Magaluf and Ibiza tend to close up over the winter months and don’t really get lively again until around Easter, so if you’re planning your stag do during this part of the year then bear this in mind as you won’t have as much choice in terms of activities.

Between April and October is the best time to visit if you want that scorching heat that Spain is known for and plenty of activity options.

Plan out your itinerary

When you’re planning a stag do, think about the style of weekend the groom will most enjoy and tailor the activities around that.

Spain has something for everyone, from watersports, scuba diving and plenty of beach time, to clubbing, football stadium tours, newly launched casinos, theme parks and even beer bikes. Why not plan an escape room tour or go clay shooting for activities to do during the day before heading out to enjoy the nightlife, clubs and bars?

Spain offers up the ultimate bar crawl experience, wherever you decide to go, with countless bars and clubs in all of its main cities. Depending on when you go, Spain is also packed with festivals during the summer which are sure to make for a memorable stag weekend if you and the group are music fans.


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