Over Two months without pay for Care Home workers

Two months without pay for Care Home workers
Two months without pay for Care Home workers

Cleaners from the Torrevieja Care Home got the opportunity to speak to mayor José Manuel Dolón on Tuesday as they entered the 4th week of their ongoing strike.

Dolón listened to their concerns for about 30 minutes, during which time he heard that the workers have not received either salary nor overtime payments from their employers ‘Netalia Servicios Integrales, SL’, for over two months.

He explained that the Care Home is the responsibility of the Generalitat, which awarded the cleaning service to the private company, so it is only they who are able to intervene.

However he did say that he would address the treasury and the vice presidency, both by letter and by telephone, to “pass on the concerns of the workers and ask for a quick solution to the dispute.”

In writing to the Generalitat Dolón said that he explained that the company ‘Netalia Servicios Integrales, SL’, has caused serious damage to the economies of their families and that he has now asked the Conselleria to “arbitrate in order to resolve this labour dispute to avoid greater damage to the employees and those residing in the Care Home “.

Although some minimum services have been maintained, primarily the laundry service, piles and piles of the patient’s dirty clothing continues to accumulate, causing many of the 200 residents having to make do with dirty towels and bed linen.

The strike affects 15 cleaning staff who are employed permanently in the centre plus a small number of temporary operators.


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