Mojácar’s Dames in Spain celebrate International Women’s Day

Mojácar’s Dames in Spain celebrate International Women's Day
Mojácar’s Dames in Spain celebrate International Women's Day

Mojácar’s Dames in Spain Association recently celebrated International Women’s Day with a lunch at the town’s Hotel Continental.

President, Myra Holmes, began by thanking the Mayor, Rosmari Cano and Councillor María Luisa Pérez for joining the members on this special day, as well as speaking briefly about the role of women in society.

Dames in Spain was formed over thirty years ago and is made up of more than sixty women, mainly British, who live in and around Mojácar.  Throughout the year, they organise a whole host of activities to raise funds for charities in the region such as the Red Cross, associations fighting Cancer and Alzheimer’s and, other nongovernmental organisations including those protecting animals and nature.

Mojácar Council collaborates with Dames in Spain on their fund raising activities whenever possible and, they also have the support of local business people and individuals who help with their initiatives by donating goods that are later raffled or auctioned at events, just as the one that took place at the end of the meal on the day.

Last year, Dames in Spain made donations to MACS (the Association that assists cancer patients), the carer support group Stepping Stones and Equinac, another non-profit organization that protects and rescues marine fauna such as turtles and aquatic mammals.


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