Why Can’t the English….?

Why Can’t the English….?
Why Can’t the English….?

Yes, it’s show time, the next production by Jávea Players being My Fair Lady with all the fantastic songs and costumes: some of the latter are a closely-guarded secret – no photography allowed, so you’ll have to come to the show to see them for yourselves!

Professor Higgins is a total cad, a woman-hating mama’s boy: in today’s world there’s no way he would be allowed to get away with his derogatory comments. He regards Eliza as an object, totally oblivious to the fact that even poor, unfortunate people have feelings.

Our Henry Higgins is played by Roger Brown who says: “It’s such fun to be playing a misogynist dinosaur like Higgins. Nowhere but on the stage could you get away with his extreme and out-dated views of the female sex. The trick is to try to gain some sympathy for such a rude and unlikeable character. I hope I can succeed”.

A nicer character is Freddy, played by Alastair Wallace, who falls in love with Eliza. Alastair studied English at University but apart from a production of Waiting for Godot, has not done any theatre. He’s taking this role in his stride and sings well.

My Fair Lady will be performed on 13th April in Rojales, Capitol Theatre, at 19.00.  Tickets 12€ See myfairladycostablanca.com and www.TorreviejaInformation.com/myfairlady


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