Torrevieja Darts Ladies – Pairs Competition Results

Pairs Competition Results:
Pairs Competition Results:

All eight teams were represented with a total of 24 pairs entering.  The Gap ladies turned out on mass with 11 ladies, hoping to improve their odds on making it through the competition. 

It was a ‘Red Sea’ during the pre-comp practice as the ladies arrived early and tested their arrows. The four ‘Ribena Berry’ Friendly Chicas pairs supplied a colourful contrast, and although somewhat perplexed at times by the draw and order of play, gave jolly good account of themselves and together with the Friendly Temps. Supplied the four sumptuous hampers for the raffle.

The darling Dolly Mixtures and the host team Primadonnas registered 3 pairs apiece and were instrumental in helping to prepare the venue and provide insight into how the competition should be run! El Balcon put in two pairs who were sequentially knocked out by Gap pair Simone and Tracey (sorry ladies) and the mighty Black Dog Ladies, who had the winning duo last year, sent forth one pair this year but alas could not bring back the cup for the 2nd year running.

A big thanks to our host venue The New Tavern for the table buffets, to Sheelah Cooper and Sharon Frain for organising the tables and providing the additional equipment. Thanks too to all the volunteer chalkers- it’s always the same ones who volunteer to keep the competition running on time and the usual ones that disappear into the ether when it’s their turn.

Pam, Kim and Simone will be meeting to discuss future competitions and events this season and welcome suggestions via, the captains, as to how we can further streamline things.

Quarter Finalists: 

Gail Murray/ Cynthia Jevons (Gap Ladies)

Simone de Lacy/ Tracey Simpson (Gap Ladies)

Sue Cam/ Sandra Crabbe (Friendly Chicas)

Ann Wharton/Stacey McDermott (Friendly Temps)

Semi Finalists:

Ann McGivern/ June Hawkins (Friendly Chicas)

Elizabeth Cowan/ Sheerin Seedat (Gap ladies/Dolly Mixtures)

Runners Up:

Bliss Wright/ Elly Kearns (Gap Ladies)


Pat Schofield/ Lesley Eagles (Gap Ladies)


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