Judge confirms Torrevieja canine beach

Judge confirms Torrevieja canine beach
Judge confirms Torrevieja canine beach

Elche’s courts have endorsed last summer’s decision of the Torrevieja council to create a dog beach in Cala del Moro-Cala del Mal Paso after the residents and community of owners of Cala del Moro took the council to court. They did say, however, that the City Council should have consulted them before making a final decision, especially in view of the local opposition.

The court explained that the municipal resolution is sufficiently substantiated with two reports from the municipal organisations, one made by the Local Police and another signed by the municipal biologist. The latter recommended the area as the most suitable along Torrevieja’s coastline. A section of the beach of Punta Margalla promenade was also chosen.

In summing up the judge said “The decision of the City of Torrevieja is perfectly motivated and based on data and technical considerations.”

Local residents staged several protests, which in some cases came to verbal confrontations and tension between beach users and residents. They said that they were not consulted by the City Council.


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