Court of Appeal confirms Ramírez’s disqualification

Court of Appeal confirms Ramírez's disqualification
Court of Appeal confirms Ramírez's disqualification

The Provincial Court has dismissed the appeal lodged by the former mayor of the PP in San Fulgencio, Carlos Ramírez, against the eight and a half year period of disqualification from public office given to him in November 2017 for a crime of administrative trespass.

It also dismisses the appeal which handed down the same sentence to the former councillor of Sports, Pascual Sempere (PP), and the seven years sentence given to the former president of the Football Club Sporting San Fulgencio, Antonio Irles, who was on the PP list of candidates in 2011.

The Criminal Court No. 1 of Orihuela also denied any costs. There is no further right of appeal against, so Ramirez, who was expelled from the PP and had to resign as San Fulgencio mayor, will not be able to seek election as a councillor during the period in which he is disqualified.

The events that led Ramírez, Sempere and Irles to the courts took place between 2011 and 2014, and related to irregularities in the awarding of 48 sports contracts totalling almost €200,000 over a number of years, to run the council’s sports schools


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