Top five online slots games to play on holiday

Top five online slots games to play on holiday
Top five online slots games to play on holiday

Whether you are enjoying the beaches on the Costa Blanca or are just relaxing back at the hotel or home in the Costa Calida, there’s always time for playing some fun games. Whilst many people love playing high-powered video games on their Xbox or PlayStation 4, such bulky consoles are hardly well-suited for life in the sun.

As a result, many people now enjoy playing mobile games for a fun and convenient way to unwind. But whilst mobile hits like Minecraft offer plenty of diversion, they don’t exactly give you much as a reward for constructing your new digital world. So here’s a look at some of the current range of slots games that are perfectly suited to helping you win big whilst you enjoy the sunshine and your surroundings.

Gold Factory

Costa Blanca’s beaches are famous for their golden sands, and if you are looking for the perfect gaming counterpart, then it’s hard to beat the Gold Factory online slot game. Whilst its steampunk themes may be a little at odds with life on the beach, once you get started trying to line up the five reels, you’ll quickly see why this is one of Microgaming’s best-loved slots titles. Be sure to keep an eye on the scatter symbol that gives you special access to the very lucrative Boiler Room Bonus round.

1429 Uncharted Seas

But what do you play when you need to cool off? Just as you might take a quick dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, you can also find some relief of a financial kind if you play the 1429 Uncharted Seas slots game. This title is set in the year when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, and thankfully the potential winnings have kept up with inflation! This is another five-reel, three-row slot game, and its sea-themed graphics shows that its not just the La Nao Victoria that could make a surprising impression on the waves this summer.

Cricket Star

Whilst Costa Blanca and Costa Calida aren’t short of spectacular golfing attractions, the same can’t be said for the classically English game of cricket. Thankfully, you can just load up the awesome Cricket Star slots game and you’ll be transported back to the comforting sound of willow on leather. Oh and the potential winnings from this slots title aren’t bad either.

Dolphin Reef

The South coast of Spain is well known for its occasional sightings of dolphins. However, it can be frustrating trying to spot one of these enigmatic marine creatures. So why not just fire up a Dolphin Reef slots games for a more reliable way to add some dolphin-based entertainment to your holiday?

Sam on the Beach

But all Spanish holidays are about getting as much beach time as possible. So be sure to play the Sam on the Beach slots game whilst you laze around on the beach before having to keep the rest of the family entertained once more?


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