Celebration of Darwin’s birthday

Celebration of Darwin's birthday

The HUMANISTS of MURCIA celebrated Charles Darwin’s 210th birthday on Tuesday 12th February at Cat’s Bar, Camposol. 25 people attended and enjoyed an excellent presentation by Geoff Tate, who told of Charles Darwin’s exploration of the Galapagos Islands – which lead to his evolution theory.

Geoff then expanded on this with slides taken on his own trips to the Islands, showing some of the amazing wildlife and geological features to be found there.

The company then moved on to Piccolo’s restaurant, where even though full from an excellent lunch, people still managed to fill that extra bit of stomach space Homo Sapiens has evolved for special occasions, with birthday cake following a fine rendition of Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!

Darwinian gardeners

On February 1st, we took a guided tour of some of the sights of Lorca. We learnt about the history of the walls which surrounded the city, then walked to the Colegiato de San Patricio. Carlos, our excellent guide explained why this church is not a cathedral, although when it was built, it was intended to be one. Interestingly, the earthquake in 2011 uncovered many paintings and much that was previously unknown about the church.


We then visited the museum of the Paso Azul where we were lucky to see the embroiderers at work.

We had supper at the Mercado del Sol. The food, when it eventually came, was very good but our large group seemed to overwhelm the staff.

Hike – Water in the fountain!

For the first time in five years the fountain in San Juan de Terreros had water in it.

Twenty-three walkers set off for the hills close by Pulpi. The group headed up an “animal track” on a steep narrow, rough trail. Everyone got safely to the top where there was a wide track with great views.

All was going well until the leaders took a right hand fork and a “nice man” beside a car with a partridge in a cage said that if the people continued down that path they would be “shot”. The hunters had posted a sign in Pulpi town hall but they had not advised us about the hunt. A pity as the redirected walk was shortened by 30 minutes.

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