Police say that Irish love triangle murder took place in La Siesta

Continuing the search for evidence in Carr's shallow grave
Continuing the search for evidence in Carr's shallow grave

The 38-year-old Irishman Carl Carr, who disappeared more than four months ago from the Orihuela Costa and whose body was unearthed last week by the AP7 motorway in Rojales, was allegedly killed by his 31-year old housemate, Wayne Walsh, from Kilkenny, Ireland, in the property that they shared in La Siesta.

Walsh appeared in court on Saturday on suspicion of the murder, and remains in jail along with two women who are said to have been involved in a romantic triangle that allegedly sparked a fight between the two men.

One of them, named only as a dual Irish-Spanish national Natalie, is being held on suspicion of aiding and abetting Mr Walsh while the other, a British citizen identified as Millie is being held on suspicion of both aiding and abetting as well as the illegal possession of weapons.

The Torrevieja jail where the suspects are being held
The Torrevieja jail where the suspects are being held

The fourth man in custody is a Spaniard, who allegedly helped the accused to bury the body, while the nationality of a fifth woman questioned by police, who remains under investigation but has been released on bail, has not been revealed.

It is thought that additional information about the case will be released in the coming days following the lifting of a secrecy order by the Torrevieja judge, Juana Lopez, as Guardia investigations into the case come to the end.

Carl Carr’s mother told the Irish media that the death of her son, despite a history of drug trafficking, is not related to drugs. She said that the investigators have assured her that the dispute that ended with the death of her son, was because of a “romantic love triangle”.

The Civil Guard investigation suggests that the alleged murderer was involved in a fist fight with Carl Carr in the house where they both lived in La Siesta, Torrevieja. The dispute took place because Wayne accused his friend of having maintained a relationship with his then sentimental partner, one of the two women now imprisoned for cover-up.

The Guardia believe that Car died in the house where the fight took place and that his body was subsequently moved to the shallow Rojales grave by Walsh and his Spanish friend.

While the investigation continues the four suspects, none of which have yet been charged, will remain in custody, a procedure that is quite normal in Spain where formal charges will only be made shortly before the trial.