5 Workout Hacks for Building Muscle

5 Workout Hacks for Building Muscle
5 Workout Hacks for Building Muscle

Most people, especially men, are crazy about building muscles, since the killer physique that comes along with it is just amazing. Many women also like developing muscles or admiring those with well formed muscles.

Developing muscles has health benefits, in addition the aesthetic ones, as it prevents you from being obese, ensures stronger and healthier bones during old age, and maintains a healthy metabolic rate. You also reduce your risk of injuries. Additionally, having muscles is crucial for performing physical jobs, like lifting heavy things, and for workouts.

How can you build muscles quickly and effectively? Read on for some muscle-building hacks.

  1.     Warm up and cool down

The pre-workout warm-up is a crucial part of the workout, although it is often overlooked. Doing some stretches or even yoga reduces the chance of extreme muscle tension as you do high-intensity workouts and improves body mobility. Equally important to a pre-workout warm-up is the post-workout cool-down, as it helps the muscles to restore or realign after the workout. You can massage your muscles, stretch for a few minutes, or do light movements, like a slow jog, to bring down your heart rate and cool down your muscles.

  1.     Do workouts at the right time

The time in which you choose to do your workout can have a crucial impact on the results of your exercises. Fitness experts recommend avoiding working out in the morning, as there are higher risks of injury, since your vertebral discs become filled with fluid as you sleep. In those instances where working out in the morning is the only feasible option for you, you need to be extremely careful to avoid injuries.

Besides selecting the appropriate time for exercising, you can also maximize the output of your workouts and speed up the achievement of your fitness goals, including building muscles, by incorporating steroids from 120kgs in your training plan.

  1.     Do weights before cardio

You should do weightlifting before cardio since weights accelerate your heart rate and put your body into fat-burning mode. Conversely, starting with cardio will make your muscles tired before getting to lifting weight, hence having less impact on your body than it should.

  1.     Observe proper nutrition

You should consume small meals rich in protein every 3-4 hours to keep your energy levels high and to provide enough building blocks for muscles, as you ensure you have a good caloric intake. It is crucial that you avoid unhealthy foods, like highly processed foods or junk foods, such as chips.

  1.     Increase your weights slowly

Ideally, you should add to the weights that you are lifting during each session by 5-10% each week. For example, if you start with 50 pounds this week, you should try to lift 51-55 pounds next week. The beauty of this steady addition of weight is that it will produce the best muscle development outcomes without subjecting your body to too much pressure.


With the right workout techniques, timing, and proper nutrition, you can quickly build and maintain muscles.


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