All Heart on the Orihuela Costa 

All Heart on the Orihuela Costa 
All Heart on the Orihuela Costa 

The Orihuela Costa Local Police have five new defibrillators thanks to the efforts of the Costa Blanca People and two organisations, Help at home Charity Costa Blanca and Help Vega Baja. One will each be kept in the five Local Police Patrol Cars thereby allowing the officers to response to medical emergency situations whilst patrolling the Coast.

The officers are receiving training in the equipment’s use by instructors from Cruz Roja.

The Councillor for Security, Mariola Rocamora, was presented with the defibrillators on Wednesday by Carmen Pérez and Mireille Toddington. She said “This donation really symbolises the solidarity that these organisations have with our municipality.”

Rocamora added “They committed themselves to the project almost a year ago, announcing they were going to raise the funds to make this contribution and they have done so.”

From this moment, the Local Police officers on the coast will have these 5 defibrillators so that, in the case of an emergency, where such assistance is required, they can give an immediate response and hopefully save lives.

The 5 defibrillators add to those that are already installed in the municipal buildings and at the sports facilities in the area. “Because we are now much better prepared and we have more equipment, the better the response we can now provide to Orihuela residents,” said the Councillor.

The campaign was supported by Help Vega Baja, which donated 1,500€, purchasing one of the defibs, a spare battery and extra pads as well as paying for part of the training for the police officers.

Costa Blanca People raised money at the 2018 Culinary Awards through a charity donation competition and Money Corp rounded the figure up to allow them to buy another defib.

The rest of the money to buy the additional equipment and training was raised by Help at Home Costa Blanca, in fact a staggering 11,000 euros was collected by the charity, and so an extra defib (six in total) will now be given to the Cruz Roja for its new ambulance that will operate across the Vega Baja.


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