Networks Theatre Orihuela – BE A PIRATE!

Networks Theatre Orihuela - BE A PIRATE!
Networks Theatre Orihuela - BE A PIRATE!

In February, Networks English Studies presents the Theatre in Education show: “Pirates!”

After the great success of previous editions, our artistic director Nick Moore presents the specially written show for schools in the area. It is a show focused for Primary courses and contains a large number of preparatory and follow-up activities in class, both before and after the show.

Adventures in English will be presented at Networks Theatre in the third week of February.

In the words of the teacher Ana Fuentes Marzo, from Luis Costa School:

“The level of the show is perfect for my students. Either the grammar and the vocabulary review or introduce the standards set for that course. The students were at all the time very “hooked” and participating. The songs were easy to learn, as well as the poems, since they were always accompanied by a choreography. ”

Shows are on the third week of February.

On the 24th of February we kickstart our Easter comedy musical called Treasure Island. The classic tale of swash-buckling adventure, with Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver in search of Treasure Island now includes, in Nick Moore’s musical comedy, glorious songs from The Beatles and an amazing array of jokes for our teenage actors. Who could ask for more?

You can book your tickets on our website


At Networks Theatre we are very proud of this piece of work. It took us a long time to gather all the information and contact so many people to tell us their experiences in each show. A book, in short, that sets a milestone in our theatre company. You can buy it at any office of Networks English Studies priced at €12. If you can’t pop by and want to us to send you the book by ordinary mail all you have to do is pay via PayPal for the book plus postage and we will mail it to you. Read more to know about it!


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