Torrevieja Police Celebrates 185th Anniversary

Torrevieja Police Celebrates 185th Anniversary
Torrevieja Police Celebrates 185th Anniversary

Torrevieja celebrated its Local Police Day on Thursday, the 185th anniversary of the founding of the Corps,  a parade during which its long serving members are recognised along with the most outstanding work of the past year.

The ceremony took place in the Plenary Hall of the council offices, presided over by the mayor and José Manuel Dolón, who made a speech recognising “the outstanding work done by all members the Corps.” Dolón said that “the Local Police is the security body closest to the people and they are an essential service for the City Council. ”

Snr Dolon then presented long service awards to agent Carlos Sala (35 years of service), agents Luis Alarcón and Jerónimo Manzanaro (30 years), Paulino Huertas and José Ángel Ortuño (25 years) and Inspector Óscar Cartón (20 years).  A diploma was also awarded to Alfonso David Manresa on his appointment as an officer.

individual distinctions were made to José Antonio del Peral, María Ilieva, Daniel Galvez, Antonio Manuel Alarcón, José Luis Huertas, Germán Antonio Noguera and David Espinosa, inspectors Juan Carlos García and Óscar Cartón.


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