Why Are Energy Performance Certificates Registered?

Martinez de la Casa Architects
Martinez de la Casa Architects

All Energy Performance Certificates must be registered to be legally valid in Spain. The registration process is done at the Regional Government after paying a registration tax. This way the government checks if the property has had an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) issued, therefore saving a knock on one’s door or asking for the document. 

They can just search for any advertised property within their records of registered certificates. The reference used to identify a property is called the cadastral reference and is the same used in the property council tax and it’s the owner of the property who is responsible for having the certificate registered.

Martinez de la Casa undertakes the owner’s responsibility to have the certificate registered and they complete the registration process within 72 hrs of sending the certificate.

Everything is included within their fees of 121€, including IVA and the registration tax.

If your solicitor or agent is studying your case, ask them to contact Martinez de la Casa Architects to provide your registered Energy Performance Certificate and they will make the whole process easier, faster and cheaper with their fixed published prices and guaranteed deadlines.

The cost of an Energy Performance Certificate is 121€ (IVA included) and discounts are available if you also require Retrospective Licences for your pool (205€ IVA included) or/and extensions (302€ IVA included) or Habitation Licence (from 118€ IVA included, but Registration Tax not included) or any other of their services done at the same time.

If you want to have YOUR Energy Performance Certificate, Martinez de la Casa Architects will arrange an appointment and guarantee the delivery of the EPC within 48 working hours after their survey.

For all enquiries, or to arrange an appointment if you want to have your pool or extension certificate now and protect yourself against future law changes that may affect you, please call 665 810 411 or visit www.martinezdelacasa.com to see an impressive list of nearly 200 client’s testimonials.

Testimonial – “Antonio, From start to finish it was utter professionalism. You kept in touch and submitted the finished product at the time you stated. A good deal of Spanish firms could take a lesson from your customer service approach.”   Roger Bates