Donation to San Jose Orphanage.

Donation to San Jose Orphanage.
Donation to San Jose Orphanage.

The Smile Charity group went to the Orphanage to donate 500€ worth of Primark vouchers which we had nominated as one of our charities for the shows we had performed for 2018.

Once arriving at the orphanage we were warmly greeted by Manoli (one of the 4 nuns) and the director, we explained who we were, what we did and to hand over the proceeds.

However all involved at the orphanage were overjoyed at our generousity, that they gave us a guided tour of the orphanage, including meeting some of the children, who don’t always have the best start in life, not only do they have single children but also siblings.

The residential care these children (11-17yrs) are given are second to none, in a warm and homely environment, the children are taught and gradually brought back into normal living and working society. The Orphanage is solely funded by the Government (public Sector)  which is not a lot, these days. Unlike some other privately owned orphanages in our area.

The Staff are extremely grateful for any donation of any kind. The Staff work extremely hard for the 24 children in the centre just outside of Orihuela and a small centre for the older children in the city itself .

It was a truly heartwarming experience that this gift to the establishment is giving to society, that we hope to support them more in the future, and wish them all the best.


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