Popularity around horse racing betting tips


Ranking as one of the biggest sports in the world, bets are made on horse racing over every day of the week, with the demand continuing to grow as more fans of the sport decide to get involved in betting on it.

It’s possible to bet on all sports taking place – even things like e-sports, hockey and badminton – but horse racing is popular enough to battle with football as the best betting sports. Races are conducted daily and there’s the option to bet on runs in the UK, Ireland, and all over the globe, so bookmakers clearly put a lot of effort in to provide opportunities for a sport that loads of punters revel in.

 Betting on horse racing

There was a time where you could only bet on horse racing through actively visiting your local bookie shop but the growth in funding and fans has meant that it’s able to exist almost entirely online. Bookmakers are always making strides forward to allow a larger selection of horse racing betting markets to their customers.

While it’s easier in other sports where there’s more variables to cater for, it’s meant more length betting and place betting markets for horse racing, where punters can accurately put money behind exactly what they’re predicting. If you would like to get involved with betting on horse racing then visit The Winners Enclosure for help and advice on picking your horse bets.

Bookmaker betting markets

After becoming experienced in betting on horses to win or place, most punters will delve into the more advanced horse racing betting markets. Backing a horse to place offers another chance to win if your horse fails to win the race but finishes within the first few places. Doubles, trebles, or accas are usually the next step up from basic win or each-way betting.

It tends to be enough to some bettors to merely add more selections into their bet, especially with win and place longshot accumulator bets being so favourable in horse racing, but it’s possible to go for markets that are even riskier, prompting a larger set of odds.

You’re able to make a Forecast bet, where you identify which horse will finish first, second or third, or even step this up to a Tricast bet, where you can ambitiously predict the first, second and third place finishers over the same race in one bet to take a price that combines all three bets into one.

Seen as the ultimate horse racing betting market, Lucky 15s allow punters to bet on four horses in one bet but with the opportunity to come away with a far larger selection of returns due to backing a total of fifteen different outcomes in one massive bet.


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