Torrevieja Courts investigate disappearing fines

Torrevieja Courts investigate disappearing fines - Img Keith Nicol

The Torrevieja Court of Instruction Number 4 has said that there are possible grounds to open an investigation into the disappearance of fines and the possible embezzlement of public funds by an ex-inspector and two local police officers dating back to 2012.

In making the announcement the judge dismissed the claim by one of the accused that no crime was committed as the fine in question was correctly processed. However an expert report says that there was a “manipulation of the computer system which saw the fine removed”, initially attributing the manipulation to the Local Police agents accused in the case.

The events, first reported in 2013, date back to November 30, 2012 when three policemen patrolled the area Avda Rosa Mazón and C/María Humildad Jiménez. A 200 euro fine was issued to a tourist by the officers for illegally parking and although the motorist cooperated with the agents the judge said that the fine was never processed to SUMA, the agency responsible for their collection.

The agent responsible for making the complaint about the missing fine was forced to leave the Torrevieja police force after being refused a transfer due to “the serious and persistent harassment” that he suffered after informing the court of the facts and other irregularities in the Local Police.

His harassment was ratified earlier this year with the award of compensation by the City Council.



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