Author Gabriel Alberto Muleiro presents his work at Mojácar’s Public Library

Author Gabriel Alberto Muleiro presents his work at Mojácar’s Public Library

Mojácar Council and the Valparaíso Foundation are continuing with their mission to bring artists from all over the world for a two week stay in the town’s Foundation facilities, where they have the chance to carry out their own projects and show their art and talents to local residents.

The last recipients for 2018 staying before the Christmas break included the writer, Janne Hejgaard and visual artist, Birgitte Thorlacius, both of Danish origin. Also in the residential group was the writer and analyst Gabriel Alberto Muleiro, who gave a hint of his wide background in journalism and writing by reading a sampling of his works at Mojácar Library.

Spanish, but born in Mexico, Gabriel grew up under the influence of a Galician grandfather who, in a different accent, told tales and described other landscapes to him, that were so unlike the world he knew. He describes himself as a “third generation of Galicians who have lived outside Spain” as he feels the complexity of life between the two cultures.

His readings at the Library, some examples written “between the Valparaíso Foundation’s infinite windows”, reflected on the incongruity of the human being and his efforts to conquer the universe when he is not able to control the earth. Gabriel went on to say “the more you advance as a species, the more you seek knowledge and progress, the more you forget man.”

Gabriel Alberto Muleiro received the prestigious 2017 Foreign Excellence Scholarship offered by the General Secretary of Emigration, which the Galician Government awards to their university students who have completed an outstanding body of work in their Master’s studies.

He is also the General Director of Belerofonte magazine, President of the Association of Itinerant Minds and a collaborator on Galician printed and digital newspapers, as well as being the recipient of top journalistic awards in Mexico.


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