Rafal presents its candidacy as Cultural Capital

Rafal presents its candidacy as Cultural Capital

Rafal has presented it’s candidacy to become the Cultural Capital of the Valencian Community for municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants.

La Plaza de España was chosen to show off the proposal to the people of the town with presentation that has been created to illustrate just how it can become a reality in the next few months.

The mayor of the municipality, Manuel Pineda, said during the presentation that “this project is very important for Rafal because it shows the firm commitment that the municipality makes to culture and the value that it places on the traditions and history of the town.”

The project includes a diverse account of the municipality including many of its historical features, as well as those of the personalities who have marked the history of the Raphaelian culture particularly the many musicians who have spread the name of the town across the country and the globe.


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